When I grow my client grows

Event details

  • Vrijdag | 26 Oktober 2018 to Zaterdag | 27 Oktober 2018
  • All Day
  • Team Academy Johan Huizinggalaan 763 A 1066 VH Amsterdam The Netherlands

What to expect

This systemic seminar will give you the opportunity to reflect on the topics and challenges you face in your work, bringing to the surface the hidden dynamics of the systems you work with and that you are part of. The seminar aims to enable you to continue your work with more insight and a clearer idea of what could be helpful and healing.

Leadership in systemic coaching means knowing the difference between control and inner strength. It means being able to make the choice between leading from the front or leaning back and letting the client / team develop their own identity. A systemic coach doesn’t solve problems, but awakens potentiality, names absence of it, in order to serve the bigger system / organisation. They develop a language that supports movement in the wider system, not just in the individual.

What will you gain

  • how to identify the next step in the development of your client / team
  • how to enhance your inner strength and quietness to stat present with the turbulence in the client / team
  • focusing on safety, contact and courage as a resource of growth.
  • to distinguish the family system from the organisational system
  • tasks before & after coaching to integrate the insights in every day life and work

Who can attend

Team- and individual coaches, facilitators, entrepeneurs, organisational development practitioners, trainees in family and organisation systems.


Date:       26.10.18 13u till 18u
27.10.18 9u till 17u

Venue:    Team Academy
Johan Huizinggalaan 763 A
1066 VH Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Costs:      340 € vat included
Lunch not included on saturday – restaurants on location

Logging:  the Team Academy special price in the Corendon Vitality Hotel close by.

Subscription:    info@The7thC.be
+32 (0)475317280

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