Self-care and supervision for professionals

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  • donderdag | 7 december 2017 to vrijdag | 8 december 2017
  • De hele dag
  • Bovendonk, Hofstraat 8, 4741 AK Hoeven, Nederland

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Judith Hemming         7 – 8 december 2017

Working with clients, teams, and individual coaching asks a lot of us in ongoing growth and self-care and awareness of our own healing dynamic. The need for both distance and an open heart is the kind of self-care we focus on during these 2 days with colleagues and professionals. Another topic is to deepen our appreciation of the orders of helping. We will explore the systemic richness of this movement in constellations, working with figures, how to recognize our selection process and conscience at work when we focus on issues. We are resourced by both the value of a mindful practice and the integration of brain research to support the therapeutic journey. This seminar will impact on your attitudes and perceptions of the wider context in which your clients are living and in your own wider field. We will focus on the central issues of human systems: belonging and bonding, exchange, order and place, time and history. There will be opportunities to constellate issues relating to your work, clients and your own need for care and growth. The day can offer you time to reflect and learn in a group that is in itself very experienced and willing to learn from one another, setting off insights in the area of individual work, team and organizational development and family dynamics.

Judith Hemming is a respected, very experienced facilitator in teaching the systemic approach, both in family and organisational issues. Her way of supervision is a fortifying experience. Judith has the language skills that will make it easy to connect with her and the work in English.

Participants: coaches, therapists, (HR) managers, counsellors, teachers and former students of the systemic work training course. Maximum members of this group is 18

Practical Information:
Working hours:  starting Thursday at 14h – ending Friday at 16h                                                           EAGT points on request

Costs include course, logging, meals and VAT

580euro  inclusief VAT   privat practice as consultant or coach / therapist
785euro  inclusief VAT  for participants from an organization

Place: Conferentie Centrum Bovendonk – Hoeven

Information & subscription :

Ria     0032475317280