Systemic constellations

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  • zondag | 17 juni 2018
  • 09:30
  • Community Help Service, Nachtvlinderstraat 26, 1000 Brussel

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Systemic constellations
Sunday 17 th of june 2018

to support life in different relationships
love, family, work and your wider community


A workshop for all of  those who want to investigate what kind of dynamics are linked to  your ancestors and/or your present family.The method is a powerful healing approach to look at entanglements among family members. Love and respect in a family system can be re-installed trough a constellation and the personal development of the individual is empowered.

If you do a constellation you have the opportunity in these workshops to expierence the entanglements that influence your everyday life and transform them into lovingful connections. The insight and intens experience that is available in constellation work can be a breakthrough in your perception of your ancestors and / or family. The invisble connections are made visible.

As a participant you are a witness of this process and you are more than a witness.

Most of the work is connected to all the participants and healing takes place not only for the one involved in the constellations, also for the group members and those  who are representing the family members.

As you notice, there is a clear distinction between subscribing to set your constellation and being a participant. This can be discussed at an intake intervieuw on the phone. During a workshop , the number of constellations is limited but there is more room for participants. We strongly recommend to join first as a participant before you set your own constellation and this work is new for you.

Price:  for a constellation:     120euro 21% vat included
as a participant:           60euro 21% vat included
constellation – with your partner present: 160euro 21% vat included

Place: CHS  Community Help Service    Nachtvlinderstraat 26 1000 Brussel
Hours: Open at 9:30 am – start at 10am    ending at 5pm
Lunch: bring your own lunch or around the Centre are some lunch places

Ria Verlinden : International  trainer and supervisor in systemic work.
Works in The Netherlands, Czech Republic, South Africa and Belgium

Subscribtion: Ria Verlinden:    or  0475/317.280