The Lighthouse – Seminar “Systemic work and courage” in Prague

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  • zaterdag | 17 oktober 2020 to zondag | 18 oktober 2020
  • De hele dag
  • Siroka 14, Prague Old Town, Centrum Sesty smysl

Deel dit event:

The past few months have brought many changes into our lives – not only to the “out there” but also to our “in here” – how we feel about the world, and our role in it. A few lines to set up the space: Many people feel that more internal work is asked from us so that we can be comfortable – which is the prerequisite for taking our role in the world.

What we can do in a world that has become harder to grasp and predict, depends on how grounded we can be in ourselves. “This is too much to do on our own, we need our ancestors to achieve that”, says Ria. We have to ensure that our shoulders can carry the weight of our responsibility.

Many of us have observed an increased need for deep, real connection. This is behind some, not all, of our uneasiness with forced isolation. Superficial communication that doesn’t reach our heart and soul suddenly seems to be too much. But just “wanting to connect differently” isn’t enough. We have to walk the path ourselves first, so that we can then be available to connect in a different way.

A memory from my workshop in South Africa with Ria many years ago “Walking the Red Earth”, doing exactly that. Walking through this majestic landscape somehow drowns out chatter and giggles. You connect to yourself and walk alone in peace. When you take a rest, and sit with others, the chatter resumes. And then you walk again in silence. Individuation leads to resilience.

The fairy tale has been exposed – not all of us will grow into an oak tree, and the world may not be our oyster, against the meritocratic beliefs we may hold. Yet it still makes sense for us to strive for something. We may find that the meaningful things to strive for are in different places now. As Ria puts it: “so take care of your core, and become a bonsai”. Cutting down, pruning, becoming more compact – personal work in a nutshell.

Setting boundaries individually and globally takes courage. On an individual level, it requires acknowledging what you are – and also what you are not. Many people’s willingness to be un- authentic is decreasing, so this includes the courage to face how who can and cannot be part of our inner circle (where we can be authentic – and celebrated for who we are) now. On a higher level, in the big picture, the courage is about facing the world as it is – not as we would like it to be.

This is what our master class will focus on and deepen. The metaphor of the lighthouse can serve to remind us of

  • standing our ground in an uprooted world
  • being able to be both in the big picture, and go down into the marshes and the grass
  • providing orientation and reminding us of the essence

The workshop of deeply reconnecting, healing and genuine encounters with ourselves, each other, the human condition, and a richer, broader field that isn’t easily accessible everyday.

When: October 17-18th, Sat 10:00-17:30, Sun 9:30-16:30;

Coffee/tea and snacks from 9:30 (Sat) and 9:00, snacks, fruit and salad lunch included

Where: Siroka 14, Prague Old Town, Centrum Sesty smysl

Fee: as in previous years, 7.000 CZK + VAT. To secure your space, an invoice will be issued in July 2020 and is payable within 30 days. For reservations, please contact Annette at +420 603 151 550 or