The power of the circle

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  • vrijdag | 10 juli 2020 to zondag | 12 juli 2020
  • De hele dag
  • De Verscholen Tuin Peter Benoitlaan 25 2100 Deurne België

Deel dit event:

The power of the circle

The power of the circle is a workshop for females spread over three days which is centered around the power and function of different rituals. A powerful experience in which rituals from different cultures will be discussed.

No words are needed for a ritual to be understood. As participator of a ritual you feel intuitively the experience hits something essential within you and others. Every culture has it’s rituals for saying goodbye, transitioning or healing. The time we live in affects our experience with these various cultures. Rituals are sometimes under pressure and sometimes new rituals are being born. In this workshop we will look into different rituals. We will discover the binding power of them and what they mean to our everyday life, work life and special moments.

Subjects that we will come across:

  • Are your ancestors available and where?
  • In which stage of your life are you?
  • What have you been through that is available for your next step?
  • What asks for integration?
  • What use do your qualities have and how do you use them to their full extent?
  • The honouring of the grandmothers, mother earth.
  • What dream do you want to bring into life with your own power?
  • Connecting your dream to the greater good.

The data are an incentive to the summer for stepping into the entirety of life as a woman. Exactly this time, where we all have either spent the majority of the spring indoors or working as an essential worker. We will see from the wheel of life in these July days to what was, what is and what will come to you.

You should come when you…

  • Want to become more visible in what you have to offer on personal level and take your place from there.
  • Want to make a different quality of connection with the ones you love in your close surroundings and your relations in the business field.
  • Want to be the owner of your own choices and the developments included.

For the greater good: The economy as it is needs more female standards in order to grow towards a different perspective and a feeling of connection with one another.

Target group:

Women of all ages, backgrounds, cultures and schoolings.

Grandmothers, (step)moms, daughters and grand daugthers.



Ria Verlinden (1951)

She has a twenty year old work relation with South-Africa and started her career as a young woman in the Diamond Sector in Antwerp. Thirty-five years ago she made a switch to trainer, supervisor and coach in systematical work and rituals. Her first contact with the shaman, Joska Soos, has made a deep impression on her and she received her shaman drums from him. Later followed the initiation in traditional wisdom from the Sangoma / South Africa. As trainer in teams and organisations systematical preperation she works in Belgium, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, South Africa etc. In her personal development there is a lot of room for silence and meditation.

Petra Meijer (1976) has a background as nurse on the intensive care. Being a manager and entrepreneur she has coached big processes of change and been through them herself. This lead to her getting acquainted with the power of rituals within organisations and the personal sphere. Since 2018 she has been developing more skills as coach and instructor in systematical working. Eventually she founded a centre for the personal development for female leadership. Her mission? To give women more ground, making them able to make their own choices and form their life.

Practical business
10 – 11 – 12th of July 2020
Max. number of participants: 20

De Verscholen Tuin
Peter Benoitlaan 25
2100 Deurne

There is enough space in the location to maintain proper distance. In case the measures make meeting in person impossible we will meet online instead.

Cost participation: €450 incl. VAT (BTW) and excl. the spending of the night
In case of the cost being a problem support is possible.
In case of the online version, the price will be adjusted

Get extra information or sign up here:
Ria Verlinden                      0032475317280
Petra Meyer             0031630609346