Women in the world now – 2 day seminar – in English – live edition

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  • zaterdag | 23 april 2022 to zondag | 24 april 2022
  • De hele dag

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March 8th: INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY. We think of all the women in the world and HOW THE WORLD NEEDS FEMALE POWER, intuition, softness and wildness now more than ever. 💫 💫 💫

💫 TO ALL OUR SISTERS: you are here for a reason. Step up for who you are. Show your beauty, speak your truth, shine your light, share your femininity and rise.

💫 Take initiative and have TRUST. Trust yourself and trust others. Because, in the words of our godmother HANNAH ARENDT: “When we start something new, we weave our thread in a web of relationships. We never know what the outcome will be. This venture is only possible by trusting in people. It is by trusting in the humanity of all people. We cannot do it any other way.”

💫 💫 Do you have the courage to proclaim your own vision, even against the current? Can you wonder how important friendship and relationship is during your journey? Can you be inspired with lightness and a different perspective? Together with other women, you will DISCOVER YOUR OWN SUPERPOWER during the SEMINAR WOMEN IN THE WORLD RIGHT NOW, April 23th & 24th, Living Lei, Leuven. 💫 With guest teachers from South-Africa. 💫
⇒ www.women-in-the-world-right-now.com

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