Women & Men: The Paradox of Love and Hatred

Event details

  • vrijdag | 10 mei 2019 to zondag | 12 mei 2019
  • 09:00
  • Provinciaal Vormingscentrum Malle (BE)

Deel dit event:

Since earliest childhood we build fixed concepts of women and men. They come out of our story, family and the collective. We are not always aware how different we relate to women and men. Our survivals – and the different trauma, emotions, thoughts, illusions, stories, needs, decisions, actions, … involved – are different in relationship to women as to men.
We need to increase awareness about this difference to find more authority and strength.

Our own gender community – men between men & women between women – is the best place to come home to ourselves, to find peace and belonging with and within our body and community. We discover our secrecy and sacrecy. It’s the best place to start a journey into our dark side.

In our shadow we find what we don’t want to be, what we reject as result of our survivals. We need to dissolve the fixed concepts we have, to open ourselves and integrate the information out of our shadow. This information is at the same time individual and collective. In this movement we find power, power as a woman, power as a man.

Only in this power we can relate freely to each other. Respect grows. This opens to the decisions and actions the world is waiting for.

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