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  • zaterdag | 4 november 2017 to zondag | 5 november 2017
  • De hele dag
  • in the very heart of Prague - Široká 65/14, Praha 1

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The first team you belong to – For entrepreneurs, professionals, managers, and team members

November 4 – 5th, 2017
Ria Verlinden

The building blocks for you in your roles a husband, wife, parent, team member, co- worker, partner, boss, entrepreneur – are constructed in this very first group we are all born into: our family. How this first connection serves as a platform for all the other teams and systems you will join later in life is an interesting and revealing line of enquiry. This is the invitation of Ria Verlinden’s Nov 4-5 Prague workshop.

In these 2 days we investigate your strengths and weaknesses in creating your relationships at work. This includes career choices, being successful, the fear of beïng independent, or of taking your own space – plus all the other dynamics we encounter in our relational life which you choose to address in this circle.

The connections we nurture between ourselves and others, including how we end them speak volumes about the very first connections we made in our family of origin. We harvest the material with which we construct our lives in our culture and the wider field of growing up. We can later polish this construction to reflect our current needs, and to determine whose life we are living: ours or an extension of that of our family…

Insight into the deeper dynamics that have healing potential are based on examples presented by participants. The other participants can work on their personal stories by extension. Participation is highly useful even if your own story doesn’t get treated.

Facilitator: Ria Verlinden – Belgium 1951

Ria has a long-standing relationship with the Czech Republic and South Africa. She started her career in diamond trading in Antwerp. 30 years ago, she made a switch in her life and trained as a Gestalt therapist, trainer and supervisor. Her first contact with a shaman left a deep impression on her – many traditional healers crossed her path and kept her fascination concerning human growth. As a trainer in Gestalt and systemic constellations, she has worked in several countries, and has been asked by organisations to coach teams and supervise on leadership topics.

Location: in the very heart of Prague – Široká 65/14, Praha 1 Public transport: Metro A, Staroměstská; tram 17, 18, bus 207

Picture of the premises:

Methodology: a combination of systemic work, constellations, Gestalt and traditional South African sangoma wisdom.

Maximum number of participants: 20

Participation fee: First day only: 4.000,- CZK +VAT, both days: 6000,- CZK + VAT Payment of first day secures reservation, Day 2 can be booked and paid for on Day 1 (cash only). Fee includes two coffee breaks per day, including fresh fruit and French sweet and savoury snacks.

Reservation: Please reserve your space at

Language: This workshop will be in English. Ria is not a native speaker and is easy to follow. If you are unsure about your level of English, please call me at 603 151 550 to see if we can find a solution.

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